What input control type to use for entering multiple values


My user has to enter single or multiple values for a paramater. WHen I try to create the input control, I do not see an option under 'TYPE"  similar to 'SINGLE VALUE' to allow multiple values.

There is no list of values not SQL equery required.  All the user has to do is to enter one or more values for the parameter.


What would i select for the TYPE when creating the input control?

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2 Answers:


JasperServer doesn't provide support directly for this type of input, but you still have options. I've seen this type of UI input before, but it's rare and is implemented many different ways. 

You can after input, within the report and possibly some supporting java code, break up the user's input whatever way you'd like. In other words, you could pass in a comma delimited string "single value" input/parameter and parse that within the report. What's missing is validation at the point of input; if your user enters garbage, you'd already be in the "run report with inputs" stage.

Alternatively, you can create your own custom input control, but be warned this is an advanced approach (in terms of Jasper Server customization) that would require much work. You may be able to get away with reusing most of the "single value" input code and simply modify validation to fit your needs.

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i belive you are creating the report using studio and declaring a parameter in the studio. 
If my above assumption is true you can keep the parameter datatype as java.util.collection
this will let the user to enter one or more values in the parameter which is created in the jasper server


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