reportUnit property changed after upload, but still shows old value when report runs


Hi, this one really confuses me.

I'm using Jaspersoft Studio Professional 6.0.1 and Jaspersoft Server 6.01. When I upload a report to a new directory on the server, the ireport.jasperserver.reportUnit property is changed to reflect the path of the new directory. If I use Repository Explorer in Studio and open the Main.jrxml file that is there, I can verify that the property is correct.

However, when I run with a <textField> with the following expression:


it displays the old value (the value in the file stored on my local computer). This is really strange because, as I have said, the actual file image on the server is correct when I open it and look.

It's almost as if there is a compiled report that is getting uploaded or generated and which is holding on to the old value. Anyway, it's really causing a lot of production errors, so I could use some help figuring out how to fix this problem (or at least have an easy workaround).

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